Lemon Drizzle 


Ingridients // Premium Cannabis oil, Plant Derived Terpenes

Cake carts Lemon Drizzle. Combat the stressful evenings with this delicious lemon-flavored cake carts delta 8!
Lemon Drizzle is a cannabis weed cartridge (90 percent Sativa/10 percent Indica) produced by combining the legendary Super Lemon Haze and WiFi OG strains. Lemon Drizzle is ideal for any strong Sativa lover who likes to get up and move. It is renowned for its high-flying effects and delicious flavor.
It has a delightfully vibrant sour lemon flavor with notes of sweet sugary earth on exhale. The scent is equally enticing, with a sweet citrusy undertone highlighted by tart lemon and undertones of fresh dirt that linger after your last puff.

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